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I would be 68 years old by then ….

The task seemed to be improbable but it’s not impossible. After celebrating our Church 25th Anniversary and Thanksgiving , the whole Blessed Hope Church made a declaration and a commitment to plant 100 + church for the next 25 years. A growth of 150 churches on our 50th year Anniversary. We will do it by planting 4 churches in a year . I would be 68 years old on that time and dreamed of still being active in churches, works. On my part I will maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating a balance diet , having regular exercise and joy in serving God.

We would be spending hundred thousands pesos every month to support the growing number of local churches . The church considered the following to encourage the church brethren in supporting this vision and brochure printing is one. This is where we could put into writing the vision, mission, objective and the need of our church planting team. We have also constructed a website so that the brethren working abroad would be update with what’s happening to the church. It’s not an easy task but we thank God that our brothers and sisters working here and abroad, parents, the youth and even the children are one in heart to support this endeavor. We believe that God’s provision, guidance and leading will ring us to the reality of this vision. His faithfulness is so great in our lives that He never stops showing us the answer of our prayers. As a church we have this united goal : “ Go for Gold”.

Dark Circles and puffiness around the eyes?

This is my problem for almost a year now. I have tried lots of synthetic eye care products to conceal it’s a failure. I even had one problem with a product since my skin reacted to its ingredients. Coo cucumber slices is the most common remedy but how about trying cotton ball dipped in potato juice ? Or crushed mint leaves? I have tried living olive oil overnight and it’s working for me. My mom-in-law suggested a cool teabags to help relieve stressed out eyes . I found the most effective remedy is to apply a cold compress for 5 minutes to make the blood vessel constrict.

From now on, I’ll try hard to make at least 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep to prevent dark the appearance of bluish and dark circles around my eyes.

Is sleeping 8 hours a day enough?

My brother-in-law who is a physician advised us not only to sleep at least 8 hours a day but also to sleep at the right time at night. “So what’s the right time?” I asked him. “ It must not be longer that Nine O’clock….”

Woooh… I can’t believed him when he said that! That means we go beyond what’s ideal because we oftentimes sleep beyond 11 pm. Nine O’clock is too early , our schedule  can not fit in to that. We usually arrived home from work  after fetching the kids by 7 pm, dinner at 8pm , bonding with kids until 9pm and blogging until 11pm. What’s left for us as a couple if we sleep at 9pm? You tell me….

Music and Sleep

Do you wish to go to sleep right after you jumped to your bed? Then play sweet music in rour room…

Music is an effective way to aide a person fall asleep from time immemorial. A perfect example of this is a mother singing a lullaby put babies to seamlessly drift into beautiful and peaceful sleep. Today, we find many artists composing soft music to sooth a person so that he can get some sound sleep. It depends on you what kind of music you prefer that is likely to relax you the most and put you to sleep. I remember my wife singing to my babies songs of worship like “ Give thanks with a grateful heart”, “I love you Lord” and “In moments like these”. For me, I love those “oldie but goldie” songs of Matt Monroe,Frank Sinatra, The platters and artist from 60’s to 70’s.


How about you? What kind of music that makes you sleep soundly?

Storm Mina Left the Country

At last the  lashing of  Tropical Storm Mina is over. It has left the country yesterday.  Thank God she has left no greater damage… only landslide and  flooding in some areas in the country. In our city, it has done nothing  big. Only heavy rains in the afternoon until evening.  I hope this month  would be sunny. Oh.. how I missed  my biking spree. I wish to do my rounds this month on a daily basis. Let me check the the weather bureau .

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