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The inside must match the outside

Taking care of your body is not only skin deep but you must take utmost care of what’s inside your body too! At home I would say one needs allergen bedding in taking care of his physical health against allergies. It’s one of the most common health treats today. My sister recently had a bout with asthma attack caused by allergens. She has to stay a week in the hospital and suffered a severe allergy infection caused by pollens from plants and trees. Living in a mountainous region in Luzon, this is always the cause of her asthma attack. The concern of her health troubled  us as she’s taking up her doctoral degree and she’s always in a stress mode. Her husband and her two kids worry much about this but they could do nothing since they have to stay in the place and finish her study next year.

At home, we regularly clean our sofa and bedding to protect us from allergens and dust mite , like my sister I am  sensitive from these elements  since I easily get allergy infection whenever my skin is exposed to dust. A week ago, we had our church youth camp and three days before the big event, we had to clean the surroundings of the camp venue. At night I experience itchiness all over my arms. It’s been 6 days since the camp ended and I noticed small blisters in both my arms. It worried me much..that’s why I told my wife we have to have dust mite bedding and we must be very careful to maintain the cleanliness of our house.

And how about UV wands? Well, I would like to consider that as part of taking care of our health. Colds and flu are prevalent today since we are already in the rainy season here in our place, we can not just jeopardized the health of our children as it will affect their studies and their well being.

As I have said, a healthy person can not only be seen and noticed by what you see outside but also inside. We must at all times take good care of our health and take preventive measures to maintain it like regular exercise, 8 hours of sleep a day, eating a balance diet and manage stress well . I hope what I have written will always remind us the importance of taking good care of our health because indeed Health is  wealth and I believe that !

Breaking Dawn : Wrong hand position in CPR scene

I have just finished reading the thread on FB and was amused with the comments of my friends who are nurses and working in the medical field. They were sharing their thoughts in one of the scene of breaking dawn where Edward was reviving Bella through CPR ( Cardiopulmonary resuscitation ) . The hand should be in the nipple line and the fingers should be interlocking. I guess I have to buy a DVD copy to see the movie again.

Anyway.. what is CPR? According to :

CPR is the the emergency substitution of heart and lung action to restore life to someone who appears dead. The two main components of conventional cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are chest compression to make the heart pump and mouth-to-mouth ventilation to breath for the victim. Hands-only CPR is a form of resuscitation that involves continuous, rapid chest compressions only, and although effective, it is not as beneficial as conventional CPR in a patient who is not breathing

Complications of Untreated Tonsillitis

brother who is a physician reminded me again yesterday as I complained of tonsillitis due to my acid reflux.  Tonsillitis is a condition where the tonsils, clumps of fleshy tissue located on each side in the back of the throat, become infected by a virus or bacteria. My brother explained that viral tonsillitis often subsides without any specific treatment.  Refraining from driking cold water and too much sweets will help to let it go. He added that a gargle of lukewarm water mixed with a pinch of salt will greatly help. However, bacterial tonsillitis may require the administration of antibiotics in order for the infection to go away. Some of the complications are as follows :


Tonsillitis causes the tonsils to become swollen. When left untreated, this swelling can cause an airway obstruction and interfere with normal breathing.

Pus may be produces when the tonsils are infected . It can  be trapped in the space between the soft tissues of the tonsils and result in an abscess. The pus in the abscess may leak into the bloodstream, causing further complications.


In some rare cases, tonsillitis caused by strains of streptococcus bacteria can result in kidney inflammation ( this is what happened to my  friend’s son.. her child kept her condition on herself.. it was too late when they sent her to the doctos)




Rheumatic fever is the result of a delayed immune system response to the bacteria. It causes inflammation of the joints, rash, fever, weight loss, fatigue and stomach pains.

So be aware of the danger of tonsillitis left untreated. Consult your doctor  always!


Refreshing our body and soul with home garden

My mother-in-law loves to plant indoor and outdoor gardens. Being an artist she adores the sight of blooming plants and colorful flowers. She believed gardens not only gives her an inspiration to her work of arts but also it can always refresh her body and soul and can take away her tiresome mood. The smell and breeze flowing out from the garden is highly inspiring and it can enhance her peace of mind. Lately, she added a small water fountain on her lawn. She’s grateful to home and garden uk for the new ideas of her  home gardening hobby.

Please beware of fake internet pharmacies

This have been a growing concern of the pharmaceutical industry not only in the US, UK and other countries in the west. There are lots of unscrupulous individuals who are operating fake internet pharmacy sites. You must take care in verifying the validity of any online pharmacy before you order your medications from them. Review the pharmacy’s website meticulously. The website should provide you with a valid pharmacy license number, the physical address of the pharmacy and the regulatory body that oversees their operation. In case you will find an online drugstore to be devious then report it to a pharmaceutical international law firm for legal action. Your little help would greatly put a lot of people out of danger !

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