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Typhoon Victims Relocation Site

We have just visited the relocation site of Typhoon Sendong Flood Victims together with some non-government agencies. My heart was grieving seeing the people  crowding  under a covered basketball court. They don’t have enough food.The portable toilets are enough for the hundreds if people temporary sheltered in the area.  How I wish we have the same accommodation with that of Tsunami victims in Japan. I wish I am a millionaire, I would surely donate houses to these people. Oh Poor Philippines!

Medical Benefits of using tights

Fashion tights are now widely considered to be an accessory to a stylish outfit! In our country, teens are going crazy with K-pop (Korean Pop Stars) and their colorful, trendy and fashionable setups. Mini-skits, colored tights, shoe-matching fashion belt and cuffed sleeves tops

From a piece of hosiery three decades ago, tights now became an essential part of clothing. One can choose from wool, sheer, patterns, , fishnets and a thousands of other styles and designs. Tights are mostly worn by women and girls of all ages, babies and toddlers. How about men? In the world of sport, suspender tights are commonly worn by athletes (men or women) as base layer garment or as protection for injury and strain. Tights have medical benefits too – improves blood circulation and prevent dangerous blood clotting.

As for me, I have 4 pairs of tights for my cycling and running exercises. I love to add more pairs to my collection.

Thankful Thursday

Indeed God is good all the time!

Something good are coming out from  the Typhoon that severely hit our city. I greatly thank GOD for the ff :

1. We were not counted among the thousands that perished and missing.

2. There were 45 families affected in our church but  all of  us  were saved.

3.  Those infected with Leptospirosis virus  were healed.

4. Thanks to our  church for  the temporary shelter for those  families whose houses were wash-out.

5. Thanks to Operation Blessing, CBN- Asia , Philippine Relief  and Development Services for the relief goods .

6. To all the brethren who  helped us .


The morning after the flash flood on December 17,2011. This was at the next block of our subdivision. Four vehicles on top of each other.

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Lavender Aromatherapy oil

Among the aromatherapy oils , I love most the Lavender Oil. Lavender is particularly rich in aromatic molecules called esters, which are pacifying, tonic and antispasmodic, while it sother molecules give its antiviral, bacterial and anti-inflammatory powers. Of the many therapeutic attributes of Lavender oil, respiratory relief would be one of the most consistently reported benefits.

Why take anti-biotic for 7 days?

It’s my 3rd day taking co-amoxiclav prescribed by my brother-doctor. I’m feeling better but that doesn’t really matter it’s a 7 day course and I still have 4 days to consume my pill 3x a day.

Why is this so important to finish the course of the prescription? According to my research When you start taking an antibiotic, the “weakest” bacteria are killed first. This is good and that is why I started feeling better quickly. The thing is though that there are bacterias that have managed to survive this chemical onslaught. These are the tougher bacterias. By the end of your course (7 days is standard for common infections), all of the bad bacterias will be killed. If I will stop taking the medicine now, chances are they are still around, these “stronger” bacteria can spread. Maybe they won’t make me sick again, but if they travel to someone else, the descendants of those that survived will also be able to survive better and stronger.

I do not want this to happen , so I should take the dosage and the duration as prescribed by my doctor.

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