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Stressful 2014 ?

Oh I am referring to this site ? How can I retrieve my lost 10 months posts ? Whew! My web hosting provider suffered a major problem that posts from March to December were all deleted. Who won’t be stressed when I was not able to back-up my site ? Honestly, I do not know how to do it that is why I just ignore the email received from my web host provider. Aside from being so busy with the holiday and the year-end report of the office, I was coordinating a wedding of a very close couple, thus I do not have enough time to search and learn how to back-up posts in word press.

So I am very stressed these days. What if my advertisers and sponsors will learn that there paid posts were no longer live ? What if I will be deleted from their list ?

Back on blogging !

This site has been idle for the past three weeks  because I was  sick. Remember my post about the gas pain ? It was not what I expected… it turned into something worst and severe. I had gallstone and needed to be operated. So for the past three weeks, I was recovering from the major surgery. I  have prepared a write-up with my three -week ordeal but it was too long to publish in one post, so I made a chronicle ( as in like in movies ) by week to make it shorter and easy for my reader. So what really happened to me ? To be continued on my next post

Disoriented ….

The flash flood that struck our city last December 16,2011 left most of our family disoriented.Two of my brothers and me were directly hit by the killer flood  damaging our  homes and everything in it.  As of now, I do not know what to do… we are temporary sheltered in my mom-in-law’s house …

I do not have the strength to blog anymore… till next time…

Still busy as a bee !

Yes… I am still busy as a bee ! Doing things almost round the clock. Even my domestic obligation like helping y kids with their projects and fetching them at school are no longer done. Now, we temporarily let my little girl ride the school bus because I can no longer send her to school and fetch her in the afternoon. My wife complained already of marketing alone. Whew! Can I clone myself? Help!

36 hours a day?

I haven’t been blogging lately because of some important event to attend. It’s our church 25th Silver Anniversary and I am tasked with lots of things to go like the Medical Mission to the Manubo tribe of Bukidnon, oversight the music team, choire and the youth production number. I am also entasked as transporter of the missionaries from United Kingdom , Deocration and Physical arrangement consultant…. etc…etc..

My wife told me to at least update my blog site but sad to say.. I can not even had the time to open my netbook.. much more to compose an article or upload image. Whew! I wish I there are 36 hours a day!

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