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Getting out from comfort zone

Our Kitchen Tiles after the flash flood that hit our place.  Thanks to my friends  who got out from their comfort zone and file a leave of absence from their offices just to help us get the  2-ft mud out from our house.  Thank you so much for the love and care shown to our family.

No more admission in CDO Hospitals

The Leptospirosis outbreak in Cagayan de Oro City indeed is so high that all the hospitals no longer accepts admission. At dawn today, we struggling to get a room for our friend suffering from Dengue Fever. Her platelet count is so low that we all panicked . Thanks to a friend who called the owner of Capitol University Medical City,we were given a room. Thanks to her insurance claim… we got a suite room for her.

Rehabilitation of Lourdesville Subdivision

Two weeks after the killer flood, our subdivision is still a mess. Trash are still filing up every houses. The other day, we had a clean-up drive with some of our friends . We had a hard time clearing the frontage of our house since furniture like office chairs, study tables and cabinets were dumped at our area. Although the inside of our house is already clean but the surrounding is muddy . It’s unhealthy to get back and occupy the place . I guess, 6 months is not enough to rehabilitate our subdivision.

Leptospirosis Outbreak in Cagayan de Oro City

Typhoon Sendon ( International Code Name “Washi”) not only caused more than a thousand death in our city but also brought a Leptospirosis outbreak. As of today, January 2,2012, the Department of Health already recorded ore 200 cases of this illness and 8 death. Two of our neighbours survived the flood but didn’t endure the killer virus of Leptospirosis. Thank God our friend Jovanne is now recovering at Northern Mindanao Medical Center.

Three days ago, we were having a clean-up drive  in the flooded areas. Good that the organizers mandated each of us to take Doxyn Anti-bacteria medicine before proceeding to our designated areas. Now, we can be assured  to have the anti-bodies against this killer virus.

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