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My GERD is back!

Opppsss for 3 days now my most annoying sickness is back!

For two years now I no longer have heartburn and bloating feeling due to Acid reflux but just recently my food is back flowing again. It was triggered by eating Apple Mango prior to having dinner. I am not a fan of eating this fruit because I know it will do no good to me but because I am influence by my friend who’s gaga with mango… I now love eating it too! The result? My GERD is back… by the way GERD means Gastro Esophagus Reflux Disease.

My GERD is back !

Yah! And I hate the feeling of acid flowing back in my esophagus. It was triggered when we had our one day fasting for the youth camp two weeks ago. I wanted not to participate the young people of the church but being the minister’s wife, I must set as an example. I was given a task to speak to a women’s  seminar also, so I thought a day of fasting would not affect my GERD. I was wrong… now I am back of taking Apple Cider Vinegar ( ACV) before meals. Three teaspoon in half glass of water would really help in neutralizing the acid in my stomach. I back to my bland diet of low salt and low sugar. No to any beverage .. only alkaline based water. Whew! It’s really hard to get back to my normal diet. I pray, I will get over this acid reflux as soon as possible

Apple Cider

I’ve mentioned in my previous post about my wife suffering from acid reflux.Don;t you know that she was healed not because of the synthetic medicine she took for 3  months? But because of a natural remedy? Yes! Thanks to her persistent research work, she found online proven and time tested natural remedy through Apple Cider Vinegar  ( ACV).  At first, I couldn’t believe it. How can an acidic vinegar cure an acid reflux? But when  I saw lots of sites pointing to ACV as the most common and proven remedy, I was convince and right away went to the nearest mall and bought the BRAGG APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.We were both amazed that after a week of taking 3 teaspoons mixed with 1/4 cup of water  before meal , her acid reflux went away. Amazing!!

My Wife’s Acid Reflux

My wife has been suffering from Gastro Esophagus Reflux Disease or widely know as Acid Reflux for a year now. When my mother-in-law died two years ago, my wife was so affected with the loss. From the hospitalization, to the wake and even after the burial, she has no enough sleep and no proper food intake. Although I was with her during the grieving months, I can not do anything to take away the pain. Their were nights she can not sleep…. and couldn’t eat…. and that resulted to her Acid Reflux.

So what is an Acid reflux? It is when you regurgitate your stomach contents and cause an inflammation in the esophagus. The Acid in the stomach will flow back to the food pipe causing some vomiting. It is most often controlled by medicine that works to suppress the acid in the stomach so that the problem decreases. My wife’s medicine is Omeprazole and Motilium. After 3 months she stopped the medication and switch to natural remedy as per advise of her brother who is a physician.

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