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PF : Leptospirosis and Dengue Fever


My friends who were hospitalized after Typhoon Sendong.  God is greater than Leptospirosis and Dengue Fever.Thanks to  Dr. Alcantara and the Capitol University Medical City ( CUMC) nurses and staff.

Filariasis Medicine

Thanks to my friend Julie for the Filariasis Medicine.



From Wikipedia : Filariasis is a disease group affecting humans and animals caused by nematode parasites of the order Filariidae, commonly called filariae. Because the mosquito vector is inefficient, a relatively prolonged stay in an endemic area is usually required to acquire the infection. Disorganized urbanization is adding to the vector population and hence to the increased incidence and prevalence of such diseases in developing countries.

The medicine is timely  now that we have been flooded here in Cagayan de Oro City.Thanks Julie Ann!

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