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No more cofee and energy drink!

My doctor advised me to refrain from drinking coffee,alcoholic beverage, chocolate and energy drinks . Why? These loaded drinks can worsen heart palpitation. In order to avoid rapid heart beat and palpitations, it is best to refrain drinking these drinks. These are known to excite the heart’s processes, causing it to work much harder than it has to. Also I was advised to avoid from being stressed and maintain a healthy diet.

Healthy Living is my Goal for 2012

I made a couple of goals last 2011 and I’m grateful that I was able to fulfill most of these goals. One of my goals is to live in a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, I was able to fulfill this towards the end of 2011 already. So I’m reviving this goal for 2012 and improve on it even more. I started exercising last year so I’m going to continue using the treadmill and hopefully I can improve by walking/running everyday.  These days, I make sure I exercise at least every other day so I’m getting there! I will also continue to drink fresh detox drink every week. This is a way to flush all the toxins that I eat for the entire week.

So far I’ve reached my desired weight already.

Actually I was surprised by the weight loss since I didn’t stop eating over the holidays. We attended a lot of parties last December so I didn’t expect to lose weight. But I guess since I used the treadmill every other day, it really helped a lot. Now, I’m more focused on maintaining it. Not only to look and feel good but also to make sure that my blood sugar, cholesterol and uric acid are all normal. The results weren’t good for the past few years already and now I realized that the solution is exercise and healthy diet. I consider myself lucky because it was not too late. I think it’s not too late for you too! If you start living healthy now, I’m definitely sure that you will feel the results very, very soon.


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Healthy Lifestyle Changes – Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Getting older does not necessarily mean that we have to deteriorate with age, it merely means that we have to do a little extra maintenance to stay healthy. Gone are the days when turning 40 meant a downhill slide. We have the knowledge to deal with getting older and can confront it head-on. Sometimes we just need to make a few healthy lifestyle changes to see the light of day and help maintain our good health.

One of these changes may include getting a proper sleep. A body repairs itself during sleep so it is always important to give it enough sleeping time to get the job done. Sleep deprivation can affect you more in your later years and sleep is an important part of aging beautifully and gracefully.

But sleeping with my partner is impossible!

If your second half is a person that tosses and turns throughout the night you may have to look at a simple lifestyle change in this department. If you find that it is affecting you more nowadays than it used to, there is a simple solution. Instead of getting separate beds in different rooms, try setting up full size bunk beds in your bedroom. This way, you’ll still be together in the room but you’ll actually be able to get a good night’s sleep.

When it’s time for separate beds, some people try getting two singles to fit in the bedroom. If you’ve been used to a full bed, however, it can take some getting used to. Plus, two single beds in the room will take up more space than full size bunk beds that still offer enough sleeping room for a good night’s rest. It’s an option to take a look at anyway.

Are they comfortable?

These days bunk beds are manufactured not only for convenience but for comfort as well. There is a growing market for this type of full sized bed as more and more people are downsizing due to economic conditions. This means that there is a lot more healthy competition between bunk bed manufacturers. The beds are sturdy and offer full support for adults.

Do you need to get more sleep? This is just one of the many options that you can look at when you live with a tosser and turner that keeps you up at night. You’ll have to address the problem at some point to make sure that you’re staying as healthy as possible by getting enough sleep.

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