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You should need a good laugh!

Why?Laughing and giggling keeps your heart stronger. It helps lower your blood sugar levels and even enhances your friendships. Researchers studying the health benefits of laughter agree: unlike stress and worry, laughing doesn’t hurt us, physically or emotionally—and it may very well cure what ails us.

It does not take a long period for our systems to respond to something funny. In fact less than half a second is all the time our brains need to see or hear a joke. Now tell your body that it’s time to smile or laugh. Laughter truly is as spontaneous as we’ve always believed it to be.

Now, I got to go! It’s time to open some pranks on you tube!

6WS : Triglyceride Pill


60th day with my Triglyceride Pill

I have no Heart Problems


After I survived the tallest roller coaster in the whole world at Universal Studios Singapore…. I have proven to myself, I got no heart problems… Look at the warning? It scared our companions.

How I measure a Healthy Heart

Having a hard time gasping for breath after climbing a set of stairs ?  Not being able to walk a block away from your work? No energy to  lift medium weight grocery bags to your car? Well you might as well think of  losing weight , have a regular exercise  or check your heart’s health.

Being an exercise buff and an avid reader gives me a lot of knowledge about proper exercise habits, commitment to do it at the right time and at the right place. Spending two hours on the road for my mountain biking is not that quite easy .  I almost fainted during my first trek to the mountain. I just got to a hundred meters from the starting point and I noticed  that I couldn’t breath  and was grasping for air .  The world seemed to go around and I stopped  facing a wide area  towards where the air is blowing, so I can recuperate . My head is telling me that I could do it but my body could not.

After that not- so- good experience in biking, I read  and read  books and magazines about the proper way  to engage in mountain biking exercise.And I also found out that  one way to know that you have a healthy heart is the time  it could  recuperate  and beat normally after a strenuous exercise.  Medical experts say  that a healthy heart beats normally  one to two minutes after engaging an exercise. So what’s your score?  Are you grasping your breath or you remain calm after climbing those few steps?

Check your heart and take care good care of it. It’s the only one you’ve got.



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