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Why take anti-biotic for 7 days?

It’s my 3rd day taking co-amoxiclav prescribed by my brother-doctor. I’m feeling better but that doesn’t really matter it’s a 7 day course and I still have 4 days to consume my pill 3x a day.

Why is this so important to finish the course of the prescription? According to my research When you start taking an antibiotic, the “weakest” bacteria are killed first. This is good and that is why I started feeling better quickly. The thing is though that there are bacterias that have managed to survive this chemical onslaught. These are the tougher bacterias. By the end of your course (7 days is standard for common infections), all of the bad bacterias will be killed. If I will stop taking the medicine now, chances are they are still around, these “stronger” bacteria can spread. Maybe they won’t make me sick again, but if they travel to someone else, the descendants of those that survived will also be able to survive better and stronger.

I do not want this to happen , so I should take the dosage and the duration as prescribed by my doctor.

Herbal medication is safer for pregnant women

A lot have said and written about the side effects of Zoloft, a drug known to treat severe depression. The latest I have learned was the zoloft birth defects . Lots of pregnant women are taking this drug to solve pregnant depression and anxiety.. It was only years ago that it was found to cause birth defects. More and more women are asking legal actions against the maker of this medicine. I hope pregnant women should be extra careful in taking medication   and turn to all – natural and herbal medicines in times of illness.

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