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Old age and forgetfullness

Memory loss goes with age. It’s a reality that’s hard to accept.

The reason why I was not able to update this site was because my hubby was able to misplace our USB type Smart Bro. All he could remember was that he unplugged it from the port… after that… nothing. I wanted to be mad but I can not afford to express my dismay because I am guilty too of being absent-minded oftentimes. This year, I lost my pricey cellphone and ATM card and misplaced our house keys countless times . Is this what they call memoray gap? Oh my, I am still in my early 40’s but it feels like I’m in my 70’s due to my forgetfulness. Is their a pill that can bring back my sharp memory?

Healthy at 80

She’s our neighbor and our regular passenger every Sunday. She’s 80 but it seems that she’s healthy as 40 years old lady. “What’s your secret Grandma?” I asked her one Sunday. She said “Nothing… but added that maybe it’s my love for God that made me strong , alive and kicking”. We laugh at her apt reply… but I guess it’s true. God must have been amused and happy seeing her always at the church every Sunday in the midst of her old age. Mind you ! She can endure a 30 minutes Praise standing at her feet, clapping her hands and making some groovy moves. For another 30 minutes of worship… she’s happy sitting down singing hymns while raising her hand. Oh my! I pray I have the same strength and vigor when I am 80 years old already.

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