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The Truth about flu shots

What is the flu shot?

The flu shot is a vaccine given with a needle, usually in the arm. The seasonal flu vaccine protects against the three or four influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common during the upcoming season.

Is there more than one type of flu shot available?

There are several  flue vaccine options. Traditional flu vaccines made to protect against three different flu viruses (called “trivalent” vaccines) are available. In addition, this season flu vaccines made to protect against four different flu viruses (called “quadrivalent” vaccines) also are available.

The trivalent flu vaccine protects against two influenza A viruses and an influenza B virus. The following trivalent flu vaccines are available:

Standard dose trivalent shots that are manufactured using virus grown in eggs. These are approved for people ages 6 months and older. There are different brands of this type of vaccine, and each is approved for different ages. However, there is a brand that is approved for children as young as 6 months old and up.

The quadrivalent flu vaccine protects against two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses. The following quadrivalent flu vaccines are available:

A standard dose quadrivalent shot. A standard dose quadrivalent flu vaccine, given as a nasal spray, approved for healthy* people 2 through 49 years of age.

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Get rid of air pollution, can you?

Cough, colds and other related contagious health problems can be considered as air-borne diseases. Have you not wondered why you easily get infected with this viral disease even if you are not within a crowded area? A simple sneeze from an infected individual will pose great risk on his surroundings. Given with this kind of situation, one must be cautious enough by taking vitamins with higher ascorbic acid contents. Air pollution is inevitable but we can get rid of it in our own little way by involving in Go Green Electricity programs.

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

I just got my Medical Certificate of my confine last February 12 -17,2012 at Capitol University Medical City  .  My sickness  was due to Dengue hemorrhagic Fever. I thought it was a plain  and ordinary dengue fever but it was a hemorrhagic one.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever is caused by a virus for which there is no known cure or vaccine, the only treatment is to treat the symptoms by the ff :

1. A transfusion of fresh blood or platelets can correct bleeding problems
2. Intravenous (IV) fluids and electrolytes are also used to correct electrolyte     imbalances
3. Oxygen therapy may be needed to treat abnormally low blood oxygen
4. Rehydration with intravenous (IV) fluids is often necessary to treat dehydration
5. Supportive care in an intensive care unit/environment

I was nearly sent to ICU because my platelet count drop to 36k but because all my vital signs are okey, I was just put to rest at   the hospital bed with with intravenous fluids and took a lot of water and  juices. There is one thing that helped a lot with my recovery… the Chinese medicine  that my mother-in-law took me. I’ll make another post about it later.

Stress at work : Employers do not take the problem seriously

Stress at work is a very common condition among many workers in today’s fast-paced business environment. People are working longer hours and the advancing technology has enabled us to have heavier workloads.

Stress at work has now reached a level where it is becoming a serious issue for many employers but many they do not take the problem of stress seriously enough.

I am not feeling well

Yes! But I am still here glued in front of my  Laptop!

What can I do? Got lots of online works to do and deadlines to meet. My mind’s in limbo what to  do first.What made it worst is that  I was able to take a medicine that is drowsy  rather than the non-drowse! Oh my… zzzzzzzzhhhh…


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